A Neighbourhood Stroll - The Well Toronto


A Neighbourhood Stroll


Artist Statement:

The aim of the art installation “A Neighbourhood Stroll”, was to create a vibrant and playful piece that showcased all types of dogs living together harmoniously in an urban landscape. Through simplistic shapes and bold patterns, the dogs were meant to stand out in their own individualistic styles. This idea touches on the notion that dogs are not just pets but unique beings, highlighting the diversity of cultures and ethnicities that make up the uniqueness of Toronto.

Elements specific to Toronto such as the streetcar and the shape of the CN Tower were incorporated to further emphasize the concept of dogs living in the city. This five-panel mural can be viewed as one continuous piece by allowing some shapes to take up multiple panels, creating an opportunity for the eye to seamlessly move from one end to the other. However, each panel can also be viewed as an individual art piece.

My hope is that the residents of The Well will see this mural when spending time with their dogs and feel instantly uplifted and filled with gratitude for their furry companions.


Vanessa Spizzirri is a contemporary artist known for her vibrant abstract murals and paintings. Her style is characterized by organic layered shapes, bold patterns, and vivid colours. Born and raised in a small town outside of Toronto, Vanessa had a developed a passion for art at an early age and has been honing her skills ever since. Her connection to nature has strongly influenced her works as she loves to explore the simplicity of natural forms. Painting has been her main source of expression which has expanded to large scale work in the form of murals. Along with painting, Vanessa has also developed a passion for digital design. Recently, some of her illustrative prints have been exhibited at the 2023 DesignTo Festival at the Gladstone House. You can find Vanessa’s murals throughout city streets, community spaces, restaurants, hotels, and private homes in Toronto, the GTA, and Central America. Through her art, she aims to transform public spaces by inspiring joy and connection. Vanessa believes the more room we make for artistic expression in urban environments, the greater positive effect it has on people, communities, and the world as a whole. Her mural painting and design work and further information can be found through her company, Maed Studio.

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Vanessa Spizzirri