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Photography Permitting

Capture The Well

The Well offers a unique and beautiful setting for personal photography, commercial photography and filming.


Photography provided by Assaf Friedman @assaf_friedman


Photography provided by Assaf Friedman @assaf_friedman


Photography provided by Assaf Friedman @assaf_friedman

Photography Permits

Visitors and Personal Use – No Permit Required

Informal photography taken on a handheld camera or handheld mobile by guests for use as memories, souvenirs, or for personal use may be captured and will not require permission or permits. Please refrain from setting up lighting equipment or tipod equipment, to ensure a safe environment for guests. The set-up of equipment requires a permit.

We love seeing all the beautiful snapshots shared by our community. Please tag us with @TheWell_TO and #TheWellToronto and we may re-share your content. Please note, only handheld props are permitted.

Images captured by social media-based content creators (i.e. Influencers) on a handheld camera or handheld mobile do not require permission or a permits unless content creators are involved in a commercial shoot (which require a permit – if so, see below). Please note, only handheld props and equipment is permitted. Should content creators wish to ensure site access and other special requirements are required to be met, please notifying The Well Property Management team in advance of your desired shoot date (two weeks in advance ideally) at Please note that this email address is monitored during regular office hours only. When posting on social media, we encourage you to please tag us with @TheWell_TO and #TheWellToronto and we may re-share your content.

Permits for weddings, engagements, and professional photography may be purchased directly with our team. Permits must be picked up during business hours at the 8 Spadina Ave Lobby. Alternatively, your proof of purchase e-mail can be shown to The Well security personnel on the day of the shoot.

Photo Permits are $300+HST and must be purchased through our events team. Permits are non-refundable and valid for 2 consecutive hours. Applicants are required to agree with our contract terms and give payment in full to confirm their booking. Photo Permits are valid in several locations throughout the property; 8 Spadina Lobby, The Wellington Steps, The Wellington Market, the ice rink, and bridges throughout the space. Photography is not permitted inside shops, restaurants, entryways, exits of businesses, or on restaurant patios. Photography must not block pedestrian flow around the site or into residences or businesses.

Drone operation in The Well is strictly prohibited. Additional time outside of the 2-hour window can be arranged and alternate pricing will apply.

Portraiture, photos for professional use (i.e. commercial shoots, advertising, events, etc.), and any production videography for commercial purposes require a more comprehensive permit process. Please contact us at if you are interested in obtaining a commercial photo permit. We require at least four weeks’ notice for commercial permit applications.

Note: Photo permit pricing varies between November & December, inquire with us for more information. Please check the Events Calendar before booking and be aware that event staff or security may ask your party to move at any time. Due to the high traffic of The Well, be mindful that many activities may be going on during your shoot here at The Well.

In the event you would like to reschedule due to inclement weather, please contact and provide your full name and contract number.


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