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The Well is a proud partner of various charitable efforts that are dedicated to improving our city and supporting the arts, culture and music. Committed to fostering impactful social and economic change, The Well community strives to create environmentally responsible, safe and engaging places where people can work, live and gather. We welcome you to learn more about The Well’s charitable programs below.

Charitable Giving

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Seven Generations Garden

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Artist Collaborations


Our Commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

The Well is a supportive community founded in a culture of inclusion that embraces every person who works, lives, shops and plays here. All programs, events, activations, and amenities are dedicated to creating a welcoming and safe environment where all guests feel valued, included, and empowered to participate and engage. As a distinguished food and shopping destination, The Well strives to be counted among the most inclusive gathering spaces in Toronto and a leader in diversity.

The community that spans across all 7 buildings and our leadership team will continue to learn and grow their knowledge base, taking cues from best practices and inspiration from DE&I leaders who have already achieved progression in this space. Together, The Well is committed to building on these efforts within the retail and hospitality industry as well as within the surrounding communities we serve.