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The Well will have four levels of underground parking available throughout the complex. Parking is managed by Precise ParkLink. Currently parking is available on P1, P2, P3 & P5. Access ramps are located off of Front St W and Wellington Street W.

For day to day parking, an automated machine will generate a ticket to open the arms at the entrance.

Surrounding residential streets, such as Draper St and Portland St are by permit only. You may be tagged or towed by the City of Toronto if parking on these streets.

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Parking Rates

Monday – Friday:

  • 30 Minutes or Less $ 5.00
  • Daily Max (6am – 6pm) $20.00
  • Daily Max (6pm – 6am) $15.00

Saturday, Sunday & Holidays:

  • Flat Rate (6am – 6pm) $15.00
  • Flat Rate (6pm – 6am) $15.00
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Car Charging

Electric Vehicle Charging (EVC) stations are available throughout our underground parking lot on P1, P3 & P5 levels. The charging fee is $2 per hour.

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To pay for parking, simply scan the QR code on the entry ticket with your mobile device. Follow prompts to complete payment. Drive up to the ticket terminal located at the exit gate and insert your entry ticket.

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