Sustainability - Enwave - The Well


The Well is built, quite literally, on a foundation of sustainability. The Well’s development team joined forces with Enwave Energy Corporation (Enwave) to extend the existing Deep Lake Water Cooling and hot water distribution networks by building a new energy storage facility housed at The Well. This joint undertaking enables westward expansion of Enwave’s systems, giving both The Well and surrounding communities access to sustainable cooling and heating solutions.

Thermal Energy System

Enwave’s new thermal energy storage facility consists of one 2 million gallon tank underneath The Well (the equivalent of 3 Olympic-sized swimming pools). The tank stores temperature-controlled water fed by Enwave’s existing Deep Lake Water Cooling system and a newly developed high-efficiency hot water loop. As an anchor site, the installation serves The Well community and buildings in neighbouring areas, providing the first low-carbon, resilient cooling and heating option for the downtown west community.

Project Overview

In 2020, Enwave constructed a large Thermal Energy Storage (TES) system as part of The Well development in Toronto, which is one of the largest construction projects in Canada including a commercial/retail podium, six residential towers, and one commercial tower totaling more than 3.0M sq.ft . of above grade space. The Well TES is a dual purpose buried thermal storage system constructed for use in the Enwave chilled water (CHW) and hot water (HW) systems. The system is designed to leverage off peak thermal energy in the form of CHW and HW and store it for use during peak times.

The Well TES includes a 55 ft diameter, 150 ft deep, 3 ft thick stratified thermal storage tank, resulting in 2 million U.S. gallons of storage. The thermal storage fluid allows for the storage of CHW at approximately 30 F, which is produced using a combination of DLWC and local chillers. The Well TES was constructed underneath the development’s P7 parking level.

A large storage tank constructed underneath The Well, stores thermal energy in water that is pumped through a network of underground pipes connected to Enwave’s existing system. Thermal energy is distributed and stored during off peak times (i.e. overnight) and conserved so it can be easily and quickly deployed when it’s needed. This reduces the burden of heating and cooling on the energy grid, particularly during periods of peak demand.