Platinum Wired Certification

Key Features


The number and size of the incoming communications ducts into the building have been appropriately specified in the building design to ensure the that building is able to meet tenants’ connectivity needs.

Two diverse points of entry on separate sides of the building have been implemented in the building design to enable diverse routes for incoming service provider cabling.

The building design incorporates dedicated and protected paths for incoming service provider cabling.

The building design incorporates dedicated, secure and climate controlled space for service provider equipment to be located, reducing the risk of overheating and malfunction.

The telco room design is appropriately sized to meet the requirements of the tenants.

The building's risers have been specified with appropriately sized containment to ensure enough capacity for tenants’ needs.

Three communications risers support diversity and protect against potential service disruption.

Wireless Network Infrastructure

Free WiFi in the building's common areas is included in the design specification.

Rogers plans to install a Neutral Host DAS in the building to boost mobile coverage.

Space on the roof for tenants to install communications equipment has been included in the building's design.


The landlord has a Standard Boilerplate Telecom Agreement to help streamline future installations for new service providers.

A utility site assessment has been conducted to determine the telecom infrastructure in the surrounding area.

Bell, Zayo, and Beanfield have fibre infrastructure in the vicinity and are able to service the building upon request.

A converged building network will be installed to streamline management of building systems.

Electrical Resiliency

A backup generator has been specified to supply emergency power to tenants’ telco feeds.

Space has been provisioned in the building's design for tenants to install private generators or backup power equipment.

Platinum Seal Badge