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Rainwater Harvesting System

Engineered Rainwater Harvesting Systems

Using harvested rainwater for landscape irrigation is the perfect and natural solution to dramatically reduce potable water use.

A perfect and natural solution

Rainwater for Irrigation

A Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) System provides the answer by storing, treating and distributing rainwater for irrigation use on site.

As severe weather events become more commonplace, a RWH system will also help to smooth out heavy rain and drought cycles and provide irrigation water when required.

rooftop rain barrel with hose
toilet water flushing

Toilet and Urinal Flushing

The volume of potable water use in commercial, institutional and multi-residential buildings is very dependent on a variety of factors including the local climate, type of building or use, irrigation requirements, heating and cooling equipment, whether there are kitchen or shower facilities, etc. However, water requirements for toilet and urinal flushing in commercial and institutional washroom facilities normally represent the highest percentage of water use in most situations.

Over the last decade, plumbing fixture manufacturers have made huge advances in designing high efficient, low flush toilets and urinals. By incorporating a Rainwater Harvesting (RWH) System we can now reduce or even eliminate the use of municipal potable water for toilet and urinal flushing.

Benefits of a Rainwater Harvesting System

Extend the life of current ground or surface water resources

Reduce the demand and stress on all aspects of municipal infrastructure including storm water and fresh water distribution and treatment

Incorporating RWH in project design and construction plays an important role in Low Impact Development (LID) and community sustainability planning

In some cases, naturally soft rainwater may reduce use of chemical or other cleaning agents