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Hello Velo


The mural, found in the Bike Lobby of 8 Spadina Ave, depicts a diverse group of people commuting in the morning air through the city. Each on their favourite modes of transportation, they weave like choreography flowing past flowers, bees and butterflies. Small, playful elements have been hidden throughout the mural as a wink to the author and illustrator Richard Scarry.

Hello Velo Sketches

Jenn Kitagawa is an award – winning multidisciplinary illustrator and artist who grew up in the prairies and cities of Alberta, Canada. She is of Japanese descent and is 4th generation, or Yonsei. Graduating from MacEwan University, Edmonton, Alberta and the AUArts (formerly Alberta College of Art & Design), Calgary, Alberta, she studied graphic design, illustration and printmaking. Shortly after receiving her Bachelors of Design, Kitagawa moved to New York where she interned for illustrator and artist Mike Perry and for the fashion magazine Nylon. Kitagawa’s body of work – illustrations, painted murals and textiles, engages in a dialogue of openness and curiosity. Her creative explorations are unbounded by medium specificity – they are instead inspired by nature, the human body, playfulness, and positivity. Jenn has created work for Google, Etsy, and Facebook.

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Jenn Kitagawa