Site-Reclaimed Wood Furniture Collection - The Well Toronto


Site-Reclaimed Wood Furniture Collection

December 2022

Working in collaboration with Hariri Pontarini Architects, along with Allied and RioCan, Brothers Dressler was asked to reclaim the beams removed from the development site to create over 30 individual pieces of furniture for The Well office tower lobby, including a pair of undulating sculptured benches. The Douglas fir beams, from trees hundreds of years old, were given a second life as they transformed over 18 tonnes of them through their Toronto studio.

Working within the scope of Hariri Pontarini Architects’ initial design concepts, Brothers Dressler designed and produced the following pieces with this reclaimed wood:


The Whale and the Serpent

The undulating repetitive rib sections fastened to the internal spines of these parametric sculptured benches, designed to use the Douglas fir pieces, allude to the shared rib-like structure of invertebrates. Stretching 8.5m and 6m long the benches conjure an extinct creature that once roamed the planet only to become a museum piece.

The Lumber Studies Benches

The sheer immensity and weight of this multi-tiered bench system uses the beams at their purest. Laid out to offer various seating options these solid beams were hewn to stack together and weigh in at well over 12 tonnes. Repurposed metal channels from the original beams support the floating backrest of these benches and are continued in two smaller ¾ tonne curved versions located at the elevators.

‘Carved Plinth’ Stool and ‘Back to Log’ Stools

Sculpted and carved out of thick Douglas fir pieces, the seats of these chairs offer personal comfort upon a pedestal. Their smaller counterparts expose the growth rings of the by-gone tree trunk.

Beam Planters

Mimicking the beams from which they were carved, these elements have been reassembled to incorporate some greenery while retaining their weighty look within the immense space.

Slab D Tables

These solid slab tables are composed of 4 separate pieces and stand sturdily bolted together as communal surfaces.

Round Cafe and Coffee Tables

Hand-turned on a lathe, solid stems join the circular base to the round top of these elementary tables.

The Well Lobby Reclaimed Douglas Fir Pieces Process
The Well Lobby Reclaimed Douglas Fir Pieces Process
The Well Lobby Reclaimed Douglas Fir Pieces Process
Interior of The Whale rib section
The Well Lobby Reclaimed Douglas Fir Pieces Process Photo
The Well Lobby Reclaimed Douglas Fir Pieces Process Photo
Close up of The Whale rib section

Brothers Dressler is the furniture studio of Jason and Lars Dressler. Since 2003 they have been creating original and award-winning lighting, furniture and installations using wood and other responsibly sourced materials. Twenty years later they are known for their craftsmanship and playful use of material, inspiring a new generation of Canadian design. Their work is displayed in distinguished collections and has been exhibited widely across Canada and around the world.

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