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Welcome to Accent & Co., where creativity meets community. As a proud new addition to downtown Toronto’s bustling landscape, we are excited to embark on a mission that celebrates local craftsmanship and empowers talented makers. Our storefront is a vibrant hub that showcases an eclectic range of products including handmade jewelry, artisanal candles, custom flower boxes, and an array of captivating household accents.

Our daily mission is to provide a platform for artists, designers, and entrepreneurs, fostering a dynamic marketplace that bridges the gap between creators and consumers. We not only feature a diverse collection from a multitude of vendors but also proudly curate our own branded items. Situated within a state-of-the-art community hub and shopping center, Accent & Co. offers an innovative space where small business owners can shine without the need for a permanent physical store.

Join us in embracing the artistry, supporting local talent, and discovering the extraordinary in the everyday.


March 16, 2024

Get Baked Sweet Bar Pop-Up at Accent & Co.

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